JonThe Handy Filler was developed when I had a small business where I had to fill bottles by hand. I know how time consuming and sloppy the process can be. Looking for a better solution, I could only find automatic fillers whose prices started in the thousands of dollars. I developed the Handy Filler as an alternative. Because it is manually driven, Handy Fillers are both effective and within the price range of most business owners. Handy Fillers are ideal for those small businesses that have grown too big to keep up by filling by hand, but do not need factory-like heavy machinery or the high price tags that come with them. We are a small business for small businesses.


We have a variety of different Handy Fillers and valve assemblies. Each configuration is available to tailor your Handy Filler for your individual product. Before ordering your filler, we recommend you try our viscosity test:

-If your product could be pulled up through a straw, our VPF108SL filler, our most popular, is probably best suited for your product.

-If your product does not pass the straw test but pours freely from a cup, our VPF108PV filler will most likely work with your product.

-If your product would fall out of an overturned cup intact (for example Hair Gel), we recommend our High Viscosity Valve Assembly.

Additionally, we have fillers designed for dry products, higher volume products, our VPF124HK, multiple products, and assemblage for hopper systems and food products.

Fillers are available with components made with 100% FDA approved materials.

We invite you to contact us by email, or by phone during business hours if you have questions about which filler is suited for your product.


FDA approved High viscosity valve assembly setup

Our High Viscosity Valve assembly made of FDA approved materials, with our hopper setup. This is an ideal setup for food products like salsas with bits no larger than 1/2″


Steve'sfillerThis is a Handy Filler set up in one of our customer’s homes. He used our product to bottle his BBQ sauce.


It’s Easy to Set the Volume: Volumetric adjustment is made with a shaft collar on the piston rod. You fill slowly into a measuring cup until the desired volume is reached, then tighten the shaft collar at that point. Although this isn’t a precision machine, it maintains relatively consistent filling volumes. For 12 oz containers, adjust the filler for two 6 oz strokes. For 16 oz containers, two 8 oz strokes. You can fill up to 600, 16 oz containers per hour with the VPF108SL.


Free Hopper Kit- I’ll also include a free nylon bulkhead fitting so you can make your own hopper from a 5 gallon poly pail, or 16 quart stainless stock pot. Just drill a 5/8″ hole in the bottom of your container, and install the free bulkhead fitting with the included gaskets. It works great! Install the fitting in the cap of a 1 gallon jug. Turn it upside down and you have a 1 gallon hopper. Suck the product directly out of your gallon jugs and reduce waste.




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Easy Labeler, Zap Labeler and Quick Capper are friends of ours, they are not associated with Handy Filler in any other way. They handle their own sales, customer support and have their own websites.

They make great products, check them out for great solutions to your needs.


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