e-liquid VG over 70% essential oils under 1oz w/viscous nature



e-liquid high
viscosity 70%
or higher VG

Product Description

VPF15MICRO modified with our 1/2″ stainless steel valve assembly. With this setup you’ll be able to fill from 3ml up to 60ml in one pump of low, medium and high viscosity level products. This Stainless Steel valve assembly has 1/2″ valves throughout, and can handle your FDA compliant requirements when filling those low amounts of a higher content of VG. With your VG higher than 70% you’ll need this 1/2″ SS valve assembly option. With a 1/4″ splice insert in the output nozzle you’ll be able to fill accurately as low as 3ml. With all the different flavors, the PG’s will soak into the nylon and bleed over onto other flavors so you need this option.